Custom Build Guitars

At axeKool guitars you can have your guitar made the way you want. Specify as much or as little as you like and leave the rest up to us.

From wood choices to fretboard radius we can produce just about anything you wish.You can base it on an existing design and add your own bespoke touches and hardware choices, or collaborate on a completely new shape and style or with a mixture of different ideas  from different guitars.

You will be provided with regular updates and photos on progress via email should you wish to make any changes along the way.

​The initial consultation and quote is free. Once the build and price is agreed upon, we do ask for a deposit of 40%, before ordering your woods and hardware. ​A typical build can take 2 – 3 months, although this can be longer if the finish requires a longer curing time.

We use premium hardwoods which are typically ash, alder, bubinga, padauk, and mahogany for bodies. Maple and walnut tops. Many other possible options not listed here, depending on availability. We create necks that are incredibly strong and resistant to warping and typically maple or mahogany and use a variety of fretboard options, rosewood, ebony and maple being the most common.

We use top quality hardware from companies such as Schaller, Hipshot, Sperzel. and Gotoh and a choice of pickups such as Bare Knuckle and Seymour Duncan. Custom wiring with hand selected pots, caps and switches.

All guitars we build come with a Gator or SKB hard case.

Old Smokey Jo (Sold)

This is a guitar that came in a job lot I purchased. I decided to take it back to bare wood and stain it to give it an old smokey relic look and feel, hence the name, and then a full rebuild. Apparently the Sunn Mustang (made by Fender) are now becoming collectable. The project objective is to create a smokey old relic with Seymour Duncan Stratocaster California 50’s – 3 x single coil pickups fitted. This ended up being a fun guitar to look at and a great guitar to play with amazing tonal sounds.

Completed project… New parts were as follows: pickguard and pickups. Everything else was sourced from old parts and reconditioned/cleaned.

“Besides being a guitar player, I’m a big fan of the guitar. I love that damn instrument” Steve Vai

Custom built Guitars Cheltenham Custom build Guitars Cheltenham

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