Solidbody / Production 1991 to current day. 

In the band the Yardbirds, Jeff Beck never attained the commercial success of the guitarists who preceded him or followed him. However, Jeff Beck is as revered and influential as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

Fender managed to lure Beck in the late 80’s, but he demurred and the model originally developed for him was introduced in 1987 as the Stratocaster Plus. It featured the quiet Lace Sensor pickups, as did Clapton’s model that followed it a year later, and so did the Jeff Beck model when it finally arrived in the shops in 1991.

Like Clapton, Jeff Beck had started out with Fenders but developed his signature sound on a humbucker loaded Gibson. Becks Stratocaster model featured two  adjacent single coil pickups, in essence  a humbucker, in the bridge position. This known as a Fat Strat configuration was perfect for the thick, distorted tone that Beck was known for. By the end of the decade, the HSS (humbucker, Single, single) had become an established option in the Fender Stratocaster line up.

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