Fender Mustang

Solidbody / Production 1964 – 1982.

The great expectations of Fenders elite and expensive models, the Jassmaster and the Jaguar failed to inspire Jazz players, but did appeal to Rock n Roll guitarists. To capitalise on the new demand, Fender crossed the Jaguar with the low end Duo Sonic model in 1964 and in keeping with the animal theme, called it the Mustang.

The Mustang featured the Jaguar’s offset waists and 24 inch scale, but had poleless pickups of the lower models. The ford motor company at the time introduced its Mustang car that same year, and i captured the youth market. Fenders Mustang did not fare quite so well, but with an upgrade in 1969 that featured an automotive go fast strip and a auto related name, The Competitive Mustang. It lasted until 1982.

Like the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar, the Mustang became a cult band favorite…

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