Solidbody / Production 1962 to 1967 / 1977 – Current day. 

Gibson started making Hawaiian doublneck guitars as far back as 1937, within two years of the Gibson’s first electric models, but the concept did not really take off until the 1950’s. Gibson tested the doubleneck market in 1958 with a few custom order models. After a some interesting experiments, but the six string and twelve string EDS-1275 EDS (standing for Electric Double Spanish) merged as being the most popular.

The first version had an unusal design with hollowbody and carved spruce top and no sound holes, but Gibson change it to the more practical SG design around 1962 and put it into regular production. Doubles did not sell well and Gibson discontinued then in 1968.

As Rock n Roll players discovered double necks, demand grew and Gibson revived the EDS-1275 in 1977. Thanks to regular use by such guitarists as Jimmy Page, Charlie Whitney, Alex Lifeson and Steve Howe the EDS-1275 remains still in production.

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