Gibson ES-175D

Hollowbody / Production 1949 to current day.

In 1949, two years after Gibson added a cutaway to its ES-300, making it the ES-350, Gibson then did the same to its ES-125 and added 50 points to its title model number and called it the new ES-175. The models Florentine cutaway made it unique among Gibson’s electric archtop models on the 1950’s.

In 1951, Gibson introduced a two pickup version called the ES-175D and this 16 inch, laminated-maple body quickly became one of Gibson’s more successful electrics models. The ES-175D has been in continuous production longer than any over model.

The single pickup ES-175 gained a good reputation too as the workhorse guitar of the Jazz world. Some of the biggest names in Jazz of the 1950’s, as Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell played the ES-175 and Herb Ellis was so closely associated with the model that it became the ES-165 Herb Ellis signature model in 1991.

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