Gibson Firebird V

Solidbody / Production 1963 – 1965.

The Gibson Firebird V was equal to the Les Paul Standard or SG Standard and identifiable by its trapezoidal shaped fingerbaord inlays. Gibson stopped making the original reverse body model in 1965, but this version did appear in the hands of then up and coming bluesman Johnny Winter when he made his debut in 1969, and to this day, Johnny Winter has been the most consistent user of the Firebird V.

The smaller double coil mini humbuckers were a part of its appeal, which produced a more cutting tone than the thick sounding full size humbuckers that Gibson had invented and introduced in 1957. The result was a perfect guitar for the blues that Johnny Winter played, it provided an alternative sound and tone in the arsenal of guitars at the time.

When Gibson began reissuing the Firebird in 1972, the Firebird V was the base model and later it return to regular production in 1990.

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