Solidbody / Production 1985 to current day.

Worrying about his health and his ability to run the |Fender guitar company, Leo Fender decided to sell and sold the company to CBS in 1965 and then proceeded to advance and refine the electric solidbody guitar for another 26 years, which was longer than his tenure as head of the Fender company. After ten years of designing and producing guitars for the musicman company, he partnered up with Fender employee George Fullerton to create G&L in 1979.

G&L’s best known model appeared in 1985 and it looked very much like the Fender Telecaster, (originally name the Broadcaster) with its slab stlye body and single cutaway, angled bridge pickup, oblong control pare and six on a side tuner configuration.

Leo Fender even tried to name it Broadcaster, but the Fender company instantly objected. Fender historian Richard Smith suggested ASAT, which was also military jargon for a anti-satellite missile. (it was not short for After Stratocaster, After telecaster).

Leo Fender died in 1991, but the news owners, BBE sound of Huntington Beach, California continued the ASAT, and is offered today in over a dozen different models.

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