Gretsch Billy Bo Jupiter Thunderbird

Solidbody / Production 2005 to current day.

Bo Diddley made his mark in rock n roll history in 1955 with his rhumba rock beat that supported his hit track “Bo Diddley” and along with his rectangular guitar Gretsch made for him in 1958. This guitar model later became the Billy Jo Jupiter Thunderbird.

The original Jupiter Thunderbird consisted of two different guitar models made for Diddley in 1961 by Tom Holmes (best known for his custom pickups). The Jupiter had a squarer body shape than the Thunderbird and at some point Diddley gave his Thunderbird to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, who locked it away in his guitar vault. Later to be rediscovered by Gibbons when looking for something different for a studio recording session.

Then Gibbons had Homes make him some similar guitars called the BFG models. With Gibbons own input too, hence “Billy” in the models name, Gretsch in 2005 decided to revive the Jupiter Thunderbird.

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