Gretsch Nashville Double Neck G6120-6/12

Hollowbody / Production 1997 – current day.

Gretsch did not go straight into the double guitar market with Gibson in the 1960’s or with Rickenbacker in the 1970’s, but if Gretsch had jumped on board then, it might have looked like this Nashville model.

Rolled out in 1997, the six string and 12 string model took its inspiration from a tried and true model dating back to Getsch’s glory days of the 1950′ and 1960’s, like most of its models. The horseshoe on the pegheads, the orange stain finish and the Gretsch/Bigsby vibrota were all lifted directly from the Chet Atkins hollowbody, aka Model 6120.

Chet Atkins’s endorsement was not available at the time the 6120-6/12 was introduced, so the doubleneck, like other 6120 styled models in the new Gretsch line, was named Nashville,  which then stuck to the current day.

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