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We have split the guitars into categories to make it easier to browse as there are so many. The guitars in our portfolios were in for repairs, setups, services, clean ups and re-strings, just to give you an idea of what we do.

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Larger projects with refinishing and complete rebuilds

(done many many more and will start adding shortly)

Fender Musicmaster 1976 Rebuild Project

Fender Musicmaster 1976 Rebuild Project

Fender Musicmaster 1976 L/H Project, Complete RebuildThis original right handed Musicmaster guitar was in a bad way and the body was never going to be recovered as it had been hacked up at some point in its life, which was a real shame. The project was a new body in...

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EVH Tribute Refinish Project

EVH Tribute Refinish Project

EVH Tribute Mike the owner of the guitar, dropped it off with all the bits. The guitar was already painted red and had a couple of white lines on it, and we did the rest... This is a 7 sting with a set through neck and active Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups. Yep, it a...

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Guitar Repairs

Electrical Repairs, General Repairs, Damage & Cleaning / Polishing

Guitar Setups

Complete Setups, Action Adjustment, Intonation & Tuning.

Guitar Upgrades

Complete Upgrades, Customisation, Refinishing & Restoration.