Hofner A2L

Hollowbody / Production 1978 – 1986.

The Hofner’s A2L’s peghead and tailpiece shape are easy recognisable from some of Hofner’s designs of earlier decades, but this Hofner with its floating pickup is a timeless classic Jazz guitar or a nostalgic look back to the 1950’s guitar design styles.

Hofner’s heyday was decades ago. Rock n Roll music, solid body electric guitars, the widespread importation of American guitars into the UK, the growth of the British guitar making industry, every element of the 1960’s musical culture all had a devastating effect on the German based company.

In the electric guitar market, Hofner stayed committed to traditional hollowbody archtop guitars and kept the quality to a high level. Although Hofner did not cash in on the changing demands of the decades styles of the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, they still continue to make hollowbody archtop Jazz guitars and are respected for their quality.

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