Hofner President

Hollowbody / Production 1957 – 1973. 

The Hofner President was the least expensive of Hofner’s single cutaway, full depth hollowbody electrics, although the theme of American politics continued down the line to the none cutaway Senator and the Congress models.

With a 16.24 inch body, the president was a bit smaller then the Hofner Committee, which varied from 17.5 – 18 inches. The President also had less binding, simpler inlays and a less decorative headstock. But when it came to performance the President started out with the same rosewood covered pickups as the Committee, and it moved right along with the move expensive models to the “Toasters” style units and up to double-coil humbuckers in the early 1960’s.

The President, like most traditional archtop electrics, fell by the wayside in the 1970’s, but Hofner revived the name in the 1990’s for an updated version called the New President and an offshoot called the Vice President.

In 2004 the political names took curious turn toward the company’s homeland, when Hofner introduced a more expensive model called the Chancellor.

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