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Ibanez Iceman

Solidbody / Production 1976 – 1983. 

The Iceman was born in the mid 1970’s as a national guitar of Japan, a design that would bring the same level of prestige to a Japanese guitar that the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul did for the America.

Four Japanese guitar manufactures worked together and then divided up worldwide territories. Ibanez’s parent company Hoshino Gakki was given the USA market, and Ibanez introduced the Iceman in 1975 in various configurations, including bolt-neck and set-neck versions. The Iceman’s curving treble horn was inspired by Yamaha’s Flying Samurai of the 1960’s, but the Iceman’s body was better developed, and it featured a unique pickup design.

Steve Miller, one of Ibanez’s first American endorsers, gave the Iceman wide exposure when he used it on his 1976 album “Fly Like an Eagle” and Paul Stanley of KISS was the Iceman’s most flamboyant player. The Iceman was a success, but fell short of its designers goals and targets and production was stopped in 1983. However it did become a cult favorite and a revived version of the Ibanez Iceman has been in production since 1994. 

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