Jackson Stealth TH2

Solidbody / Production 1991 – 1996.

Grover Jackson merged his namesake company in 1986 with International Music Company, a company located in Texas that imported guitars and left the business in 1989. International Music Company continued to introduce new guitar models including the Stealth series 1991.

International Music Company aimed at buyers with the American made custom shop series and a US Series featuring airbrushed designer finishes, but the Stealth models kept Jackson’s guitars within the financial reach of the majority of Players. They featured bodies of ash or basswood and the typical Jackson pickup and vibrato options and systems. The Stealth TH2 from 1996 shows that International Music Company was not afraid of trading off one of Jackson’s most identifiable elements, the angular pointed headstock, in exchange for a new headstock design that gave a straight string pull, that was a trademark of the 1985 upstart Paul Reed Smith.

The Stealth series lasted only to 1996 and the International Music Company only lasted until 1997, when it sold Jackson Charvel to the Japanese based Akai company. It was sold again five years later to Fender, where classic guitars like the Soloist Rhoads and King V live on today.

I personally own a Jackson Randy Rhoads Pro (RR3) and can say, it really is a classic.

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