Kramer 450 Guitar Kramer Guitars Cheltenham

Kramer 450

Solidbody / Production 1976 to early 1980’s. 

Gary Kramer had been a partner with Travis Bean and known for producing metal construction guitars. When the first Kramer brand guitars appeared in 1976, it was no surprise that they had a metal neck and were made by the BKL company of New Jersey. 

The Walnut and Maple body of this model 450 from 1977 shows a strong aesthetic influence from the contrasting woods of Alembic models, which seems incongruous with the industrial look of the aluminum neck. The synthetic fingerboard material put the neck even more at odds with the body. Despite the appearance of an Alembic style neck thru body design, Kramer’s aluminium necks were bold on. 

Gary Kramer accepted a buyout and left BKL within a year, and the metal necks lasted only about five years before BKL found greater success with wood neck models.

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