Music Man Edward Van Halen

Solidbody / Production 1990 – 1995. 

With dive bomb vibrato effects and super fast fingerboard tapping, Eddie Van Halen was the most influential guitarist of the 1980’s and the foundation of the Kramer companies success. In 1990, Ernie Ball / Music Man scored a major coup when Van Halen came aboard with a signature model.

The Music Man’s rather traditional maple top and single cutaway body was a far cry from Van Halen’s original homemade “Frankenstrat” or his earlier Kramer signature models, which featured a Stratocaster style body with a red and white crisscrossed finish pattern that is now so iconic.The pair of Humbucking pickups was also a departure, as Van Halen was known for using only single Humbucker. The single knob is a volume control, however EVH specified it to be labelled tone. The signature model also included a Floyd Rose vibrato that no Van Halen guitar would be correct without.

In 1995, Eddie Van Halen moved his endorsement to Peavey and Music Man renamed the model the Axis, and its distinctive body shape and bound maple top are still feature in the Music Man line.

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