Portfolio of Acoustic Guitar Repairs and Setups Cheltenham Luthier

Portfolio / Acoustic Guitars

We do a lot of acoustic guitar work and we consider it to be one of the most enjoyable of all our guitar services, simply because its so rewarding bringing those lovely tones back to life again.

We have done many different types of repairs, including, setups, servicing, clean ups and re-strings, bridge & saddle repair / replacement, broken tuners / machine heads, fret work / re-frets and electrical repairs on semi acoustics with pre-amps etc.

Below are a few of most recent…

Martin Acoustic

Taylor Acoustic

Martin SWDGT

Furch Acoustic Guitar Custom

Atkin Acoustic

Gibson j-45

Taylor Acoustic

Martin 000 28k Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Masterbilt

Taylor Acoustic

Ibanez 12 String Acoustic



Taylor Acoustic

Epiphone Acoustic L/H

Yamaha 12 String acoustic

Taylor 12 String acoustic

Fender Due Sonic


Fender 12

Epiphone Hummingbird


Fender Classical


Taylor mini


Yamaha Acoustic

Faith Acoustic

Guild Acoustic

Faith Acoustic

Taylor Acoustic

PRS SE A50 Acoustic

Martin Acoustic



Gibson Custom

Martin Acoustic


Avalaunche Acoustic Bass

Fender T Bucket Acoustic

Simon Patrick Acoustic

Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Fender Paramont Acoustic

Washburn Acoustic

Fender Acoustic Telecaster

Faith Acoustic

Larrivee Acoustic

Vintage V300VSB


Applause Guitar

USA 1850's

Lindo Acoustic

Epiphone Acoustic


Boulder Creek Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Acoustic

Fender Acoustic CC60S

Epiphone EJ

Takamine P3NC

Duolian Resonator

Faith Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60s Acoustic

yamaha acoustic A series

Epiphone Acoustic FR300

Yamaha FG


kinbola Acoustic


Acoustic 102


Fender Acoustic FA-125


Ibanez Acoustic

Fender Acoustic

Aria Pro 2 Acoustic

Sigma Acoustic

Classical Guitar

Santiago Vintage Classical Guitar

classical acoustic

Freshman Acoustic

Epiphone Masterbilt Acoustic

Martin Acoustic Guitar

Simon Patrick Acoustic

Fender Acoustic

Dallas acoustic guitar


Hofner acoustic guitar

Aria Acoustic

Yamaha acoustic guitar

Tanglewood Ovation Acoustic

Fender Acoustic

Furch OM34

Epiphone EJ200sce Semi-Acoustic

Brook Acoustic

Freshman FA1AN

martin acoustic guitar

Washburn WSJ125K acoustic guitar

Yamaha APX-4A Acoustic

star fire acoustic guitar

Simon and Patrick

Hofner Acoustic

Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG820


Yamaha FG 411S CE Acoustic Guitar

Eastwood Acoustic Guitar

Takamine GN30 Nex

Lag Acoustic Guitar

Crafter RTE-600/N

Martin smith acoustic

Landola Acoustic

Morris Classical Guitar

Yamaha Classical Guitar

Classic Guitar Cheltenham

Classical Guitar

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