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The mighty bass guitar is an amazing instrument to play and enjoy. A lot of people take up the bass and are hooked for life. Repairing and working on bass guitars is great fun too and we have done hundreds. We have done many different types of bass guitar repairs, including, setups, servicing, upgrades of all types, clean ups, re-strings, bridge & saddle repairs, tuners / machine heads, fret work / re-frets and electrical repairs.

Below are a few of most recent…

Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar

The Warwick FNA Jazzman 5 string Bass Guitar

Hofner Bass Guitar

Sandberg Panther Bass

Rickenbacker Bass

P Bass

Hofner Violin Bass

Hofner Bass

Rickenbacker Bass

Fender P Bass

Gretsch Electromatic Bass

Sandberg Bass

Fender Precision Bass

Rickenbacker Bass

Shaftesbury Guitar 1969

Epiphone Bass

Fender P Bass

Rickenbacker Bass

Guild Hollowbody Bass

Epiphone Hollowbody Bass

Fender Mustang Bass

Avalaunche Acoustic Bass


Rickenbacker 4003 Bass

Hofner Violin Bass

Fender USA Precision Bass

Rickenbacker 4001

Fender Jazzmaster Bass

Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

Yamaha Bass

Fender Precision

Chowny Bass

Aria Bass STB Series

Fender Jazz Bass Mexican

Hofner Bass Guitar

Warwick bass guitar

Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar

Aria Bass


Peavey Bass

Sterling Stringray 5 String Bass

Fender Squire Bass

Vintage Bass Reissue

BC Rich Warlock Bass

Fender Mexican Precision Bass

Epiphone Bass

Vintage Active Bass

Fender Squire Bass


Bespoke Bass

Guitar Repairs

Electrical Repairs, General Repairs, Damage & Cleaning / Polishing

Guitar Setups

Complete Setups, Action Adjustment, Intonation & Tuning.

Guitar Upgrades

Complete Upgrades, Customisation, Refinishing & Restoration.

Portfoilo of Bass Guitar Repairs and Setups Cheltenham Luthier. Guitar Repairs, Guitar Setups, Guitar Servicing & Upgrades. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK.

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