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Hollowbody guitars are considered the most complex of guitars to repair. They are sensitive in design and nature and need extra care and attention when working on them, especially when it comes to replacing electrics or sorting electrical issues as nothing is easy to access. A lot of hollowbody guitars also have floating bridges, which can be problematic with intonation etc.

At axekool guitars, we consider ourselves the go to guitar repair workshop for hollowbody guitars. We have done many over the years and we have developed our own skill sets and tools to use with these beautiful instruments. Where other guitar repair workshops shy away from electrical work, we dive straight in.

We have done many different types of repairs, including, setups, servicing, upgrades, clean ups and re-strings, bridge & Saddle repair / replacement, broken Tuners / machine heads, fret work / re-frets and of course electrical repairs and upgrades, pickup upgrades etc.

Below is a few of most recent…

Gretsch White Falcon

The Heritage Hollowbody

El Maya 175

Gretsch Country Gent

Hagstrom Viking

Gibson ES355

Gretsch Broadkaster

Aria Pro Hollowbody



Epiphone Sheraton

Gibson ES335 Dot

Gibson ES335


Epiphone Dot

Gibson ES335

Ibanez LGB30-NT George Benson Signature Series

Epiphone Casino Hollowbody

Washburn Hollowbody

Fender Telecaster Modern Player

Area 2 Pro Hollowbody


Epiphone Sheraton

Columbus 335

Ibanez AS53

Columbus Series 3 335

Guitar Repairs

Electrical Repairs, General Repairs, Damage & Cleaning / Polishing

Guitar Setups

Complete Setups, Action Adjustment, Intonation & Tuning.

Guitar Upgrades

Complete Upgrades, Customisation, Refinishing & Restoration.

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