Pre-Wired Nickel Pure Tone Jack Socket


Order times.
We make everything to order. The turnaround time for a pre-wired jack is just 1 working day. This turnaround time doesn’t include the transit time.

Free Postage.
Free post and selling to the UK only.


Pure Tone jack sockets offer superior connectivity due to the patented multi-contact design. Featuring 4 contact points, two positive and two ground as opposed to the traditional jack which has just the one, the two ground and two signal tabs hold the cable in place, even after extensive use, whilst improving both the audio signal and strength.

The thread length on the Pure Tone jack is 9.52mm, noticeably longer than a standard jack socket. This is well suited to through body jack connections such as on a Gibson SG or 335 for example, or a Telecaster that uses a cup plate) so if installing into a normal jack plate on a Stratocaster or Les Paul for example, you may wish to use an extra nut/washer to decrease the thread length.

Our Pre-Wired Nickel Pure Tone Jack Socket is ideal for a quick and easy replacement on your guitar. Pre-Soldered at the jack and heat shrink’d to ensure a solid connection and joint, with Gavitt USA 22AWG wire.

I leave 240mm of wire length to allow use with a variety of guitar models, just simply cut the wire length to your requirement.

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