Rickenbacker 1998PT

Hollowbody / Production 19887 – 1988.

The legend guitarist Pete Townshend purchased his first Rickenbacker in 1964, after seeing John Lennon playing a Capri 325 with the Beetles, but unlike Lennon’s guitar, Pete Townshend’s Model 1998, did not last the year out after he destroyed it in a performance with the band, The Who. He allegedly took more care of future Rickenbacker’s, reserving his more easily repairable solidbodies for smashing up. He also used the Rickenbacker 1998 model  on the studio recording of My Generation in 1965.

Pete Townshend’s guitar had a f-hole rather than a slash hole, but was otherwise the equivalent of Rickenbacker’s 345, with regular-scale, dot inlays, three pickups and a vibrato. For his signature model reissue, Townshend substituted the R tailpiece for the vibrato.

The pickguard on the 1998PT featured Pete’s name in block letters, which is ironic on a signature model, and a graphic of him in the middle of a trademark windmill assault on the strings. Rickenbacker introduced the model in 1987, and the limited run of 250 sold out within a year.

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