Violin Repairs Cheltenham Violin Servicing, Fiddle, Viola

Violin Repairs, Setup and Restoration Cheltenham

Repairs & Restoration and Expert Care for your Violin.

All aspects of repairs to violins are covered in the workshop including maintenance, setups, repair work and restoration and we offer competitive prices and a friendly service. From restorations to check-ups, at axeKool your violin will be lovingly restored to beautiful sounding and playing condition.

The quality of our Violin repair and servicing is one of the things that differentiates us from other stringed instrument workshops, and you can be assured your Violin repair work will be carried out as if the instruments were our own.

Violin Repairs Cheltenham Violin Servicing, Fiddle, Viola

Our Violin services include the following:

General Maintenance

Fitting new pegs
Gluing edges
Fingerboard shoot
Bridge replacement
Peg fit
Re-fitting of the nut, saddle and fingerboard
Fitting new strings
Tonal adjustment


Carving a violin bridge
Nut corrected or replaced with correct string spacing
Fingerboard shot or dressed
Bridge fitted correctly
Sound post adjusted or replaced
Tailpiece fitted with correct measurements
Instrument tonally adjusted

Repair Work

Retouching the varnish
Peg box repairs
Resetting neck elevation
Scroll repairs
New bass-bar
Crack repairs
Neck graft
Sound-post patches


New bass-bar
Rib shortening
Retouching varnish
Crack repairs
New blocs
Making and fitting new top block
Recovering shape and alignment
Resetting proper neck elevation
Tonal adjustment

Sorry – We do not do any bow repair work.

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Violin Repairs Cheltenham Violin Servicing, Fiddle, Viola. We Repair, Setup and Service Violin. Violin Repairs Cheltenham Violin Setups.