Yamaha SG 2000 (SBG 2000) Guitar Yamaha Guitars Cheltenham

Yamaha SG 2000 (SBG 2000)

Solidbody / Production 1976 – 1988. 

What a breakthrough this guitar was in 1976. Until this point Japanese guitars reputation was not great, but he Yamaha SG 2000 changed all that. Most guitarist considered this models workmanship and performance to be not only as good as any USA Gibson, but superior to anything Gibson offered at the time.

It does have a Gibson shape from a somewhat obscure double cutaway version of the Gibson Melody Maker, from the mid 1960’s. The top cap was three piece maple, like that of a 1970’s Les Paul, but under the top was a fundamental difference. Where Gibson had a slab of Mahogany, the Yamaha had a neck-thru body design. The extra rigidity of the three piece mahogany and maple neck gave the SGG200 more sustain that any other popular guitar on the market. This got the attention of =none other than Carlos Santana for a brief period of time.

Yamaha moved production of most its models in 1984, but kept the SG2000 in Japan until it was discontinued in 1988. 

It was reissued as the SBG2000 in 2007.

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