Custom Telecaster Project, Telecaster complete build, Tele

Alex the owner of the guitar, dropped it off with all the bits. The guitar body was bare wood and all parts were new and supplied…

Breakdown of project

  • Body prepared for spaying and then sprayed to a shell pink. (the photo does not do it justice)
  • Tuners fitted to neck – needed drilling etc.
  • Neck fitted to body – shoe/heel needed attention to fit.
  • Drilled out pickup cavity as it was to small.
  • Fitted bridge plate and pickup.
  • Fitted pickguard
  • Fitted Strap buttons
  • Fitted metal string guides at the back – needed drilling.
  • Fitted wiring harness and jack socket and control plate
  • Soldered everything up
  • Fitted strings
  • Tested electrics.
  • Full setup including, neck, bridge and intonation.
  • Plus loads of other small bits and bobs.

Fab guitar, Enjoy it Alex!