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Prices 2022 – 2023

Please find below a basic price guide for the most popular guitar services we offer. As you can see we are not expensive and we offer deals on multiple jobs and large projects. Please get in touch and we will quote to your requirements.

Complete Service & Setup Package / Cost £50.00

Our “Complete Service & Setup Package” is for all types of guitars and includes the following:

  • Complete clean and polish of all hardware, body and neck, including fret board and frets.
  • Check all electrics for any issues including wiring, pots, switches and pickups.
  • Setup of action, including adjustment of Nut, Neck relief, Tremolo/Bridge/Saddle(s) and Intonation etc.
  • A set of new quality strings. This is included in the price, however you are welcome to supply your own.
Guitar Services / Description
Re-String – All types of Guitar £10.00 + Strings
Set-up Electric Non-Tremolo £35.00 + Strings
Set-up Electric Non-Tremolo 12 String £40.00 + Strings
Set-up Electric Guitar with Tremolo / Floyd Rose Bridge £35.00 + Strings
Set-up Bass Guitar £35.00 + Strings
Set-up Acoustic Guitar £35.00 + Strings
Set-up Acoustic Guitar 12 String £40.00 + Strings
New Nut – All types of Guitar, including locking £20.00 + Nut
Replace Acoustic Saddle – Bone, Tusq, Graphite etc £20.00 + Saddle
New Bridge Electric / Bass £25.00 + Bridge
Replacement Tremolo including Floyd Rose Bridge £30.00 + Bridge
General Electrical Faults/Soldering/Repairs From £25.00
Jack Socket Replacement £15.00 + Socket
Pickup Selector Switch Replacement £25.00 + Switch
Tone / Volume Pots Replacement £25.00 + Pots
Pickup Replacement £30.00 + Pickup
Acoustic Guitar Pre-Amp/Pickup Installation From £40.00 + Pre-Amp/Pickup
Complete Wiring Harness Fitted £30.00 + Wiring Harness
Complete Wiring Harness (take-away) Buy Online
Fret Dress (Level, Crown and Polish) From £60.00
Complete Re-Fret / Replacement Contact Us for details
Neck Reshaping From £50.00
Axeify (Givin the Dog a Tone) Contact Us for details
All general repairs are charged at £25 an hour + parts Contact Us for details
Customisation & Refinishing Contact Us for details
Complete Restoration / Rebuilds Contact Us for details

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