Guitar Wiring Harnesses, Guitar Electrical Repairs Cheltenham

Guitar Wiring Harnesses,  Electrical Repairs and Upgrades.

Electric guitars have a series of electronics that give the guitar its unique sound and tone. Many aspects of electric guitars affect the tonal qualities and electronics is one of the most important.

We include an Inspection Sheet with all Guitar Electrical work. More Information here >

Electrical Repairs & Upgrades

Electrical problems and can be one of the more complex things to go wrong on a guitar, has it will need a bit of detection work, a good understanding of a guitar harness and skill with a soldering iron. We offer a complete range of electrical repairs from a simple Jack Socket problem, scratchy pots, switch issues to pickup replacement to complex upgrades & addons and pickup rewinds and repairs – we do it all!

Wiring Harnesses / Looms – “Just Add Pickups”

Axekool guitars build wiring harnesses / Looms that are a great way to upgrade or replace your guitar’s electronics and tone. Our wiring harnesses are handmade by us in our workshop to order. We offer wiring harnesses for all guitars and bass models, including Gibson, Fender and Epiphone.

Built to last – Like all our work, we take a great deal of pride and produce some of the cleanest looking, finest wiring harnesses that money can buy. We source premium components from manufacturers such as CTS®, Switchcraft®, CRL. Oak, Gavitt® Sprague and various with paper in oil Capacitors. Every component is fully tested before use and once assembled the harnesses are fully tested before being fitted or posted out.

Bespoke Wiring Harnesses for all models

Bespoke wiring harnesses are also available and made to order to match any requirement, including colour components like gold and left handed versions. We can build a wiring harness for just about any guitar on the market, new, old or vintage.

Fitting & Installation

We can build and fit your new wiring harness all in one workshop, (no need to buy elsewhere). We fit the harness for you, even on hollowbody guitars that a lot of Luthiers and guitar workshops won’t touch or charge extra money for.

Guitar Wiring Harnesses, Guitar Electrical Repairs Cheltenham
Guitar Bespoke Wiring Harnesses custom Built

Customer feedback from 50’s wiring harness fitted / Les Paul.

Started playing with the tone controls to just take a bit of the top off – holy hell! That tone control is awesome….what is that!?

It works throughout the entire travel of the tone pot – never experienced anything like it before. With a Les Paul I would only ever drop a bit of top off then its starts getting muddy, but on this new wiring, even with the tone fully off you get a great, vocal mid push which cuts right through the mix. It makes the whole balance of neck and bridge much more fine tuned… lots of great tones to be found. Excellent clean up when rolling off the volume too – I guess that’s the 50’s wiring – but allows another option for switching from clean to drive by just switching pickups… something I would only usually do in a pinch, but so easy to set up on this new pickup/wiring combination because the neck pick up is so open.

Wiring Looms Wiring Harnesses Cheltenham

The original harness was made up of cheap components and the client was have a few problems. The new harness has 2 x 250k CTS Pots, 0.47 Orange Drop Cap and Switchcraft Jack.

Wiring Harness Before & After

Gibson Sonex Wiring Harness Before and After

Guitar Wiring Harness Components

Guitar Wiring Harnesses, Guitar Wiring Loom and Electrical Repairs Cheltenham