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Guitar Repairs Cheltenham

If you are unfortunate enough to run into problems with your guitar from electrical issues or you may have dropped it or it has been knocked off a stand, your guitar may need some repair work. As guitars age and get used more and more, they sometimes develop problems. We offer a full range of guitar repairs, even the most dramatic of breakages can usually be repaired.

If your electrical components stop working, scratch, buzz, hum or just keep cutting out, we can fix or replace items such as tone pots, pickup selector switches, pick-ups and input jacks.

You may have damaged the body, bridge, neck, head or tuners, all of which can be fixed or replaced depending on the issue.

We include an Inspection Sheet with all Guitar Repair work. More Information here >

Guitar Repairs Cheltenham | Guitar Repairs, Guitar Servicing Cheltenham

Our range of guitar repairs include:

Electrical Repairs

  • Jack socket repairs or replacement
  • Pickup selector/switch repairs or replacing
  • Replacement of Pickups
  • Cleaning or replacement of Tone or Volume Pots
  • All Electrical repairs and wiring issues
  • Fixing crackly, buzzing Issues or grounding issues
  • Complete replacement or Wiring harness –

Damage & Repairs

  • Bridge & Saddle repair / replacement
  • Body dents, scratches & breakages
  • Strap Buttons replacement / repairs
  • Neck dents, scratches & breakages
  • Headstock dents, scratches & breakages
  • Repair / replacement of Machine Heads (Tuners)
  • Fretboard dents, scratches & breakages
  • Fret replacement / Fret Dress. Read More >

Cleaning & Polishing

  • Complete clean & polish
  • Fretboard cleaned & oiled
  • Polish neck
  • Machine heads
  • Buckle Rash Removal
  • Polish body
  • Removal of scratches, dents, marks and general wear and tear
  • Sticker removal

For more information on our guitar repair services, please call us on 07483 167155 or email us

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Guitar Repairs Cheltenham, Guitar Repairs, Guitar Servicing Cheltenham