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When you think about old guitars, there must be so many out there hiding under beds, in attics, wardrobes, garages, garden sheds etc, some possibly vintage and therefore potentially valuable. I recently picked up a Gibson Les Paul Standard that had been under a bed for 19 years, Never played and in mint condition and what a buy it was too, from the good wood Gibson days.

One thing is for sure collectors of old interesting and vintage guitars are experiencing diminishing supplies and increasing prices as more people realise the potential for investment and quality of old builds.

If you are fortunate enough to be the owner of an old guitar or a genuine “mint” vintage guitar the chances are you will not want to change a thing, maybe a full Set-Up is all you need. However if your guitar needs some repairs and a major overhaul or rebuild, that’s where we can help.

We have restored many guitars that may have been thrown away or considered to be “right offs”. Restoration of a guitar can be a lengthily process because of the care and attention needed and also tracking vintage parts can be just as complex.

Restoration Options

Depending on the guitar and its condition, there are a couple main options with restoration.

  • Firstly is to keep the guitar in its original condition as much as possible to retaining some “untouched” value. Often the history and battle scars and wear and tear are very bit as important to the owner as the guitar itself.
  • Secondly is to re-build the guitar with a full restoration using retro parts and finishing techniques.

Remember the true value of any guitar exists in its history, tone and playability. A large majority of guitar restoration work we have done is so the guitar can be passed down as a family heirloom, father to son guitar.

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1960’s Shaftesbury Hollowbody Guitar (Rickenbacker Copy) 
The guitar was smashed up and nothing worked, so we completely rebuilt it and finishing in a strong apple green as the client wanted.

Shaftesbury Guitar 1969

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