Guitar Inspection Work Cheltenham, Inspection Sheet

Guitar Inspection Work, Inspection Sheet

We include with all setups, projects and upgrades a completed Inspection Sheet. This will include details of the guitar, work and recommendations and will be of great reference for us and yourself.

The Inspection Sheet includes everything from Make, Model, Serial Number to Setup Measurements to Electrics, General Structure, Fret Condition, Hardware and Final Test & Play… etc.

The Inspection Sheet comes with all the following services:

Selling your guitar?
This will also be a great asset to you when selling a guitar giving your buyer proof of work carried out by a Luthier – Just like a pre-flight certificate.

Our Inspection sheet also applies to Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles and other stringed instruments that we work on.

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Guitar Inspection Work Cheltenham, Inspection Sheet