Custom Built Vintage Style Guitars Cheltenham, Custom Guitars

Custom Built Vintage Style Electric Guitars

Let Axekool put together a custom built guitar just for you.

From your dream into reality – Find your guitar soulmate.

A custom built Axekool Guitar offers the very best in terms of quality, tone and playability.

This is an opportunity to take a classic vintage style Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, Hollowbody or P Bass design and choose the detailed components and the best tone woods which are then carefully matched within each of our guitar builds that are just right for you, making your guitar unique. All of our Axekool Custom Built Guitars and Basses are built to your detailed specification with our guidance and we will help you make the right choices for the tone and music that you want to play.

We will send you a digital drawing of your custom guitar before we start.

There a number of options for woods, including American Swamp Ash, Maple, Alder, Mahogany.

A offer an endless range of colours and effects and of course natural with staining options etc.

Using quality components makes a massive different to the overall playability of the guitar. Good tuners and a bone / tusq nut will keep the guitar in tune and will produce great tone.

Where do we start with pickups, there are hundreds of boutique custom made pickups to choose from, many of them will deliver great tone.

Electrics bring us configuration options with controls, coil splitting, serial, out of phase and much more.

The timescale of your custom build will depend on the the project itself, but a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months would be a good estimate.

Like timescale it would completely depend on the electrics, pickups, woods, components and finishing.

For more information on our custom builds, please get in touch

Custom Built Vintage Style Guitars Cheltenham, Custom Guitars

Custom Built Vintage Style Guitars Cheltenham, Custom Guitars