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Let Axekool put together a custom built guitar just for you.

From your dream into reality – Find your custom guitar soulmate.

A custom built Axekool guitar offers the very best in terms of quality, tone and playability.

One off shape or a classic style, the choice is yours

This is an opportunity to have a one off guitar shape or a classic vintage style guitar like a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, Hollowbody or P Bass design. Choose your detailed components and tone woods which are then carefully matched within each of our guitar builds, making your guitar unique.

All of our Axekool custom built guitars are built to your detailed specification with our guidance and we will help you make the right choices for the tone and music that you want to play.


If you are looking for something completely different, you are welcome to submit a drawing or we can do this for you. We will send you a digital drawing of your custom guitar before we start. With classic style guitars we tend to use the default measurements, but this is not set in stone, its your choice.


Wow Wood Where do you start? There is of course a multitude of wood options, including the classics like American Swamp Ash, Maple, Alder, Rosewood, Ebony and Mahogany.


The world’s your oyster. We offer an endless range of colours and can work from any colour picking palette codes, vintage colours, effects and artwork and of course natural with endless staining options.


Using quality components makes a massive different’s to the overall playability of the guitar. Good tuners and a bone / tusq nut will keep the guitar in tune and will produce great tone. On bespoke guitars we can also make parts and produce just about anything that is not on the shelf.


There are hundreds of boutique custom made pickups to choose from, many of them will deliver great tone. Axekool also produces its own range and can make pickups to your exact specification. 


Electrics bring us configuration options with controls, coil splitting, serial, out of phase and much more.

Birth Certificate / Baby Picture

Your guitar will have its own serial number, birth certificate of authenticity and a baby picture.


The timescale of your custom build will be a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months depending on the the project itself. 


Like the timescale it would completely depend on the electrics, pickups, woods, components and finishing.

For more information and a quote on our custom builds, please get in touch

Telecaster Custom Build

Telecaster Custom Build

Telecaster Custom Build This is a completely non Fender Telecaster. It has a Mahogany Body with a Mappa Burl top and Roasted Maple Neck. We decided to leave off the pickguard has the wood was far to beautiful to cover up. The metal parts are all Nickle Parts include...

Precision Bass Custom Build

Precision Bass Custom Build

Precision Bass Custom Build Our customer supplied all the parts including the body and Fender neck, boutique pickups, Fender neck plate, Schaller gold machine heads, string retainer and strap buttons. Also included was the pickguard, bridge and various screws etc. We...

Fender Musicmaster 1976 Rebuild Project

Fender Musicmaster 1976 Rebuild Project

Fender Musicmaster 1976 L/H Project, Complete RebuildThis original right handed Musicmaster guitar was in a bad way and the body was never going to be recovered as it had been hacked up at some point in its life, which was a real shame. The project was a new body in...

Custom Built Vintage Style Guitars Cheltenham, Custom Guitars. Custom Built Guitars, Custom Shop Guitars Cheltenham

Custom Built Vintage Style Guitars Cheltenham, Custom Guitars