Guitar Upgrades Cheltenham, Guitar Refinishing Cheltenham

Guitar Upgrades Cheltenham


axeKool guitars offer guitar upgrades on all types of electric solid body, hollowbody and bass guitars. We can recommend and advise on various specifications and provide new and vintage parts as required. We have worked on many guitar models from new to old and to custom builds.

There are many upgrades options to think about and available including, tuners, bridges, pickguard and control plates, bone and graphite nuts, pickups and wiring harnesses etc. The difference upgrading to quality parts like a wiring harness or upgrading pickups can make to a guitar, can be heard immediately.

Its not all about tone. Alright it is a lot about tone, but having tuners that do not keep your guitar in tune and a nut and bridge that the strings stick to when using the tremolo bridge and crackling pots has got to also contribute to playability. A guitar having bad playability from poorly functioning components is not going to help you bring out the great tone when its a pig to keep in tune and sound correct.

Having a guitar with a balance of delivering great tone and playability is what upgrading is all about.


At axeKool guitars we offer a large choice of colours and finishing options from the vast creative possibilities available, there are no limits when it comes to personalising your guitar. When it comes to paintwork we will advise and discuss all the details including preparation work involved, stains and lacquers used, an estimated turnover time. The highest levels of craftsmanship and care go into all our customisation procedures.


At axeKool guitars we offer a full restoration service and this includes restoring an instrument to its original or similar state. On vintage instruments components can be hard to come by and we often repair various parts in order to maintain authenticity and sale-able value. We have restored many guitars including vintage Fenders, Gretsch and Gibson’s.

For more information on our guitar upgrades customisation, refinishing and restoration, please call us on 07483 167155 or email us

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“I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it” Jimmy Page

Guitar Upgrades Cheltenham, Guitar Refinishing Cheltenham