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Welcome to axeKool Guitars of Cheltenham

Gloucestershire’s Premier Guitar Setup & Repair Workshop.


We are specialists in Guitar Repairs, Guitar Setups, Guitar Upgrades and Guitar Electrics

With over 25 years experience in guitar repairs, setups and upgrades, we have gained a vast knowledge of most guitar brands and guitar models. axekool guitars is a family run business, which means your guitar will receive the very best care and personal attention with all work carried out to the highest level in our dedicated workshop.

We provide a complete range of guitar services from a re-string, to a setup, to large repairs or a complete guitar rebuild. We offer great prices and a quick turn around. Please read our customer reviews and see some of our recent guitar work in our portfolio. 

Our fully equipped guitar workshop is located near Shurdington Road, on the outskirts of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Why use Axekool Guitars?

  • We work on all types of guitars from a £10 charity shop special to a top end vintage Gibson or Fender.
  • Fast turnaround, most work is done in 24-48 hours.
  • Work carried out by a Pro Guitar Tech, Luthier, Musician.
  • Friendly, personal and honest service.
  • Great prices.
  • Full support with your guitar problems and ideas.
  • Convenient drop off and collection times, 7 days a week. You are welcome to drop off or collect your guitar(s) early morning or late evening.

For more information on all our guitar services, please call 07483 167155 or e-mail us.

AxeKool Updates…

September 2023
We will be opening our “Axekool You Tube Channel” shortly with loads of support videos of guitar problem solving and tips and our guitar wiring harnesses being fitted in a step by step guide – plus loads of other fun guitar stuff…

August 2023
We are soon to completely refurbishing the AxeKool workshop. Its all looking tired now and we need to use the space more efficiently. So we have designed our own units and workbenches. The units will be interchangeable and can hold 4 different draw sizes which are also interchangeable. Photos to follow later in the year.

July 2023
Has been a record breaking month for interesting guitar projects in the workshop. This 1974 Gibson Les Paul with electrical issues was top of the list. We got it all sorted and what an amazing instrument it is!

Gibson Les Paul Bass 1974

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“I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions” B.B. King

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