Guitar Consultancy Cheltenham Guitar Expert & Consultant

Guitar Consultancy Cheltenham

I offer a guitar consultancy service to anyone looking to buy or sell a guitar. I can advise and point you in the right direction.

We Buy & Sell

As a buyer and seller of electric & hollowbody guitars myself, I am always on the look out for guitars of interest to me, these are mostly made by Epiphone, Fender (Mex & USA) & Gibson. I do sell guitars and carry a small private stock (not displayed on this website), so if you are looking for something, just ask…

Buying a Guitar

I offer my expertise when you are looking for a new or used guitar. If you are buying for yourself or as a gift for somebody, you are very welcome to ask my advice and can send me a link to the guitar you are looking at online or send me some photos. I am very happy to offer my services and help you find what you are looking for and I of course know a lot of people with guitars for sale and I am connected with guitar collectors, shops and specialists from around the UK & USA.

Looking for Something Vintage or Special

I do know some very good vintage guitar suppliers who specialise in the vintage guitars of near mint condition, if you are looking for something rare, I am very happy to help you find that special guitar from a particular guitar company and year.


We offer a valuation service for Insurance or for the purpose of selling. This could also give your guitar some authenticity if we examine it in the workshop. We will provide you with a full valuation document of the current market value which will state the guitar make, model, year, serial number etc

Looking for Something to Axeify

My Axeify service is about upgrading a guitar to a high level without the expense of its american cousin read more. So if you are looking for an Epiphone Les Paul or a Mexican Fender of some kind for a project, I would very happy to help you find the right guitar for the job.

Classifieds / Guitars

We sell guitars on behalf of our clients. All items for sale are posted on our Classifieds Page & Facebook Page with great local coverage.