Fender Stratocaster 1972 Project, Complete Rebuild Strat USA

David Gilmour Stratocaster 1972….

The owner of this guitar, dropped it off with us and it was in a bad old state. The client had owned it from new in 1972 and it had been sprayed many times in various colours and was white purple with red strips. The client wanted it putting back to its original David Gilmore colours and completely building so he could pass it on to his grandchildren.

Breakdown of project

  • Complete strip down
  • Body sanded and removed many colours and layers of paint and then prepared for spaying.
  • Jet gloss black finish all done.
  • Unfortunately the neck had to be replaced as it was wrapped beyond repair. (like a banana)
  • New neck fitted to body – shoe/heel needed attention to fit.
  • pickups cleaned up and working fine.
  • New electrics and pickguard fitted.
  • Fitted bridge and saddles after big clean-up.
  • Fitted Strap buttons.
  • Soldered everything up.
  • Fitted strings.
  • Tested electrics.
  • Full setup including, neck, bridge and intonation.
  • Plus loads of other small bits and bobs.

A lovely bit of history restored.