Eddie Van Halen Tribute Guitar, EVH Tribute Guitar Project

EVH Tribute

Mike the owner of the guitar, dropped it off with all the bits. The guitar was already painted red and had a couple of white lines on it, and we did the rest…

This is a 7 sting with a set through neck and active Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups.

Yep, it a real beast of a guitar.

Breakdown of project

  • The white lines had to be touched up
  • We then painted additional black and white lines on by hand to match the ones on there, giving it a relic type of thing like the original. (no good having neat symmetrical lines as it would look all wrong)
  • Painted the headstock with matching type lines.
  • Lacquered the headstock face and entire body (not the neck).
  • Cleaned frets and the fretboard.
  • Drilled out tuner holes and fitted tuners.
  • Fitted locking strap buttons.
  • Drilled out bridge post holes and fitted bridge posts and bridge.
  • Fitted pickups and threaded wiring through to the backend.
  • Installed pots, mega switch and battery
  • Soldered everything up including capacitor.
  • Fitted chrome jack socket surround and finished soldering.
  • Tested electrics.
  • Fitted control knobs and switch button.
  • Made 2 covers for the back and a truss rod cover.
  • Fitted strings.
  • Full setup including, neck, bridge and intonation.
  • Plus loads of other small bits and bobs.

Enjoy it Mike!

Artwork Done…
Eddie Van Halen Tribute Guitar, EVH Tribute Guitar Project

Just the electrics to go…EVH Guitar Project Build

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