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Fender – The World’s Largest Guitar Manufacturer

Fender was founder over 70 years ago in a small Fullerton, California workshop by a radio repairman by trade, Leo Fender. Leo want to build guitars that were easy to use, primitive looking and tough. In 1951 he designed The Precision Bass and the Broadcaster (named the Telecaster the following year) and then in 1954 the Stratocaster.

The Telecaster

The Telecaster was the first mass produced solid-body electric guitar and would change the way music was made forever. The Telecaster has a bright, clean and cutting sound, with a bright high end and strong midrange. It has a reputation as a reliable workhorse.

The Stratocaster

The Stratocaster is the world’s most Influential best selling guitar and that has set the standard for generations to come. The original concept was a Telecaster upgrade with a contoured body and double cutaway design, better for comfort and playability. The Stratocaster also featured the Fender synchronised tremolo bridge and three pickups for a better choice of tones. Players across all ages and styles of music continue to praise its sound, style and versatility.

The Precision Bass

The Precision Bass was the worlds first electric bass. In 1951 Leo Fender wanted to liberate musicians from the upright bass by introducing a brand new bass with a bold new sound. The P Bass shaped rock ‘n’ roll and is still a driving force behind the greatest music of every era, of every genre.

Additional Fender Models

Leo Fender also created other instruments including the iconic Jazz Bass and the Jaguar, Mustang and Jazzmaster guitars.

Fender Custom Shop

In 1985 Fender opened its flagship factory in Corona, California and launches its renowned Fender Custom Shop guitar range. Known as the “Dream Factory” and home to Fender’s Master Builders. The Custom Shop lives up to its name, crafting dream instruments for avid collectors and esteemed artists, including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Merle Haggard and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Fender Guitar Repairs, Setups, Upgrades Cheltenham

“All artists are angels, and it is my job to give them wings to fly.” Leo Fender

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Fender Guitar Repairs, Setups, Upgrades Cheltenham. Fender Guitar Repairs, Setups, Upgrades Cheltenham. We Repair, Upgrade and Setup Fender Guitars, Fender Basses and Fender Acoustics.