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Hansen Guitars are located in Demark and build premium hand made guitars constructed from some of the finest materials and components available. Hansen Guitars was founded in 1984 by Luthier Henning Hansen who dedicated most of his life to crafting some of the most exemplary instruments currently on the market.

Guitars who play Hansen Guitars include: Mads Langer, Tim Christensen, Mikkel Balle, VETO, The Antonelli Orchestra, Jørgen Klubien, Emil Viberg, Zigge Kreutzmann, Kasper Falkenberg, Cille Dyrberg and Drew Sycamore to name but a few…

Hansen Guitars Repairs Setups Upgrades Cheltenham

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Hansen Guitar Repairs, Setups, Upgrades Cheltenham. We Repair, Upgrade and Setup Hansen Guitars, Hansen guitars Cheltenham.