Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Wiring Harness


We build your Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Style Wiring Harness to order using the very best fully tested electrical components.

Includes wiring diagram & installation guide.

FREE POSTAGE and selling to the United Kingdom only.


Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Style Wiring Harness

This pre-wired Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Style Wiring Harness is designed for replacing old electrics or upgrading the electronics of imported models or for use on DIY Kits. We take a massive amount of care and attention when putting our Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage harnesses together. Everything is fully tested before being posted to you.

Read about our Vintage Wiring Harnesses here >. We use our ES-330 vintage wiring harnesses in our workshop for our clients guitar upgrades and also for our Axeify guitar upgrading services, read more here >

Premium 500k CTS Potentiometers x 4, short or long split shaft with vintage audio taper. (fitted with additional nut for height adjustment on the long shaft pot)}
Switchcraft Toggle Switch – Choice of switch knob colour is included, Amber, Black, Chrome, Cream or Gold.
Switchcraft USA Jack Socket
Sprague Orange Drop 0.022uF Capacitor x 2
Gavitt USA made Braided wire
You are welcome to contact us with your custom requirements.

Volume 1 – Bridge
Volume 2 – Neck
Tone 1 – Bridge
Tone 2 – Neck

Position 1 – Bridge Pickup
Position 2 – Bridge & Neck Pickup
Position 3 – Neck Pickup

Will this fit my guitar?
Our pre-wired ES-330 Vintage Wiring harness is wired to fit all models including Gibson & Epiphone guitars. If installing into an imported model or a DIY guitar kit you will need to ensure the Potentiometer holes will take CTS pots (approx 10mm). This can be done using a round file or carefully with a 10mm drill.

Centre to centre measurements between components
Centre of Switch to neck volume pot – 48mm
Centre of neck volume pot to centre of neck tone pot – 66mm
Centre of neck volume pot to bridge volume pot – 66mm
Centre of bridge volume pot to bridge tone pot – 66mm
Centre of neck tone pot to jack socket – 66mm
Measurements can sometimes vary slightly on some ES-330 models, so we allow plenty of movement in wire lengths between components to allow for a comfortable fit. If your measurements are different from the above, please let us know and we will build your harness to your specifications.

Installation, Documents & Support
We have made it as simple as possible to install your Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Wiring Harness with a complete fitting guide and simple to follow wiring diagram included with your purchase. We also offer full support should you need it. There is a lot of doom and gloom regarding the Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 wiring harness installation, this is very exaggerated. With a simple process it can be achieved quite easy. You won’t need any fancy tools or equipment to install a Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 wiring harness, just a small adjustable spanner/wrench, some wire or fishing line, a pair of long nose pliers or strong pointed tweezers, a soldering iron, and a bit of patience.

Useful Tip 1
I think it would be a good idea to mention at this point if you are thinking of changing your pickups on your Gibson & Epiphone ES-330, this would be the time to do it, as changing pickups will involve the removal of the wiring harness, so best to do everything at the same time.

Useful Tip 2
Because of the construction of a Gibson & Epiphone ES-330, you will be able to have everything soldered up to the harness and strings fitted to allow testing before the wiring harness goes into the body. Its a great time to test your pickup soldering to the Potentiometers.

Order Times
We make everything to order and the turnaround time for a Gibson & Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Wiring Harness is 48 hours.

Gibson ES-330 Wiring Harness, Epiphone ES-330 Wiring Loom

Gibson ES-330 Wiring Harness & Epiphone ES-330 Wiring Loom

Gibson / Epiphone ES-330 Vintage Wiring Harness