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Support / Guitar Strings Guide

Below is a Guitar String Guide for what strings fit which type of guitar model. None of this is set in concrete as everybody has their own preferences, but its a good starting point.

Electric Guitars

Manufactured with…

The normal rule of thumb is that electric guitars with Single Coil pickups have 9 gauge strings and electric guitars with Humbuckers have 10 Gauge Strings.

Examples below:

  • Telecaster with 2 x Single Coils Pickups = 9 Gauge Strings
  • Stratocaster with 3 x Single Coils Pickups = 9 Gauge Strings
  • Stratocaster with HSS configuration = 10 Gauge Strings
  • Les Paul with 2 x Humbucker Pickups = 10 Gauge Strings
  • Les Paul with 2 x P90’s Pickups = 10 Gauge Strings
  • SG with 2 x Humbucker Pickups = 10 Gauge Strings
  • Hollowbody Guitars with 2 x Humbuckers = 10 Gauge Strings
  • Hollowbody Guitars with 2 x P90’s = 10 Gauge Strings

Alternative Strings 

You can of course fit what gauge strings you wish, however this will change the setup. Most manufactures suggest not to go 2 gauges up or down from the original spec.

Metal & Rock Alternatives

Popular with rock musicians are 9 gauge strings with Humbuckers because 9’s are a little easier to bend when doing fast complex solo’s etc. A great idea is use a combination set of strings known as Hybrids. This is 10’s on the E,A,D, and then 9’s on the G,B,E, giving a slightly heavier darker rhythm and higher lighter treble. Its very effective.

Acoustic Guitars

There are so many acoustic manufactures that’s its near impossible to really gauge what goes where. For most acoustic guitars the standard gauge string is 12’s. 12 gauge strings give a great tone and are the industries standard size and tension. Of course you can go down the route of 10 gauge strings to give a higher tone and be able to bend the stings a lot easier or 11 gauge strings that are somewhere in between the two. A lot of Taylor and Martin guitars are sold with 13 gauge strings when new.

Top String Manufactures

I would say that the following are the top 4 general use guitar string brands. These all produce a mind blowing range of different strings sizes and gauges.

  • Elixir Strings
  • Ernie Ball
  • D’Addario
  • Rotosound

I hope this support page helps a little, if you need any advice, just get in touch.