Guitar Lessons Cheltenham, Guitar Tuition Cheltenham

Guitar Lessons


Sorry – We are not running any lessons or guitar courses for the foreseeable future.

Learning the Guitar

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is one of the most sociable musical instruments and can be great fun to play and relax to, depending on the sort of music you like.

Most beginners can pick up the basics and even play a few songs within a few lessons. We offer guitar lessons to complete beginners and will help you achieve those first chords and songs you were looking to play. We teach popular music, pop, rock, blues, country and so on.

We offer private one-to-one guitar tuition for over 18’s

We can also advise on purchasing the right guitar.

Most of the clients who learn as complete beginners get the basics of playing the guitar very quickly.

Guitar Lessons Cheltenham – Guitar Tuition Cheltenham