BC Rich Assassin PX3T


Make & Model:

BC Rich Assassin PX3T – Serial Number P08071643

Has some signs of use and a mark above bridge pick up from my playing palm mute style.


The B.C. Rich Assassin PX3, featuring a licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo and Rockfield Mafia SWV pickups, is one screaming mean Assassin! A maple neck through a deeply arched, mahogany body with white binding, an ebony fretboard featuring 24 jumbo frets and a white, pearloid bird skull inlay are just some of the highlights of this guitar that absolutely oozes inspiration. Black hardware, revolver control knobs, ebony fretboard and a deep onyx finish top off the subdued all-business appearance.

Neck-Through Construction

B.C. Rich is known as one of the pioneers in Neck-Throubgh construction. They utilize it on many of their guitars, because it provides the best possible sustain, resonance, comfort and access to higher frets. Neck-through has long been considered the premium construction method for high-end electric guitars. This construction starts with a long piece (or pieces) of premium North American maple. That piece runs from the tip of the Assassin PX3T’s headstock to the strap button on the opposite end of the guitar. This means that the headstock, fingerboard, pickups and bridge all are mounted to this single sound foundation. Sonically it is a difference you can hear. The neck-through construction also allows deeper cutaways at the neck joint which provides comfort no bolt-on or set-neck could offer.

Rockfield Mafia Bridge Pickup

The use of a ceramic magnet gives any pickup extra power due to the increased magnetic field they provide. This feature makes the mafia pickups produce a hotter and thicker tone that’s really aggressive and full. The increased low end, thick mids and in your face highs is what rock and roll was built on! Balanced and full of sustain this pickup is a great representation of its namesake, a truly intimidating killer.

Rockfield Mafia Neck Pickup

The neck version of the Mafia pickup is just as full sounding as the bridge position, without taking away from what has already been accomplished. Very minor modifications to the overall design and design concept of this pickup gives it punchy, bold tone with the same aggressive characteristics as the bridge version. A tad brighter with a little less output really takes this pickup into the smooth and warm realm of the tonal spectrum. All while maintaining that balanced bite and in your face aggressive tone that the Mafia is known for!

Deep Arched Top

The deep arch is achieved by increasing the body center by approximately 5/8″ and then gently sloping the arch toward the side of the instrument and leveling out just as the slope reaches the edge. A deep arch top when applied to a B.C. Rich shape gives an air of elegance and sophistication.


Construction: neck through
Body wood: Mahogany
Body thickness: 45mm
Top style: deep arched
Body binding: white multi-ply
Headstock style: small traditional 3 to a side
Headstock color: onyx
Headstock binding: multi-ply white
Tuners: Grover Rotomatics
Neck wood: maple
Back of neck: onyx
Neck binding: multi-ply white
Neck profile: thin
Neck thickness at fret 1: 19mm
Neck thickness at fret 12: 21mm
Neck radius: 430mm
Fretboard: ebony
Inlay: white pearloid bird skull
Frets: 24 jumbo 2.7mm
Strings: 9 – 42
Nut: 43mm Floyd Rose self-locking
Scale: 25-1/2″
Bridge type / Tailpiece type: Floyd Rose original tremolo
Hardware: black chrome


Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone.
Modified Controls added – 2 x Mini switches for independent coil splitting and a kill switch. 2 mini coil-tap switches allow for perfect single coil response.


Pickups: 2 black chrome covered Rockfield mafia humbuckers


Hard Case – TourTech Case / brand new