Axekool Hornet Guitar / T Style Electric Guitar

Axekool Hornet Guitar – Telecaster Style Electric Guitar

This is our own take on the classic vintage Telecaster guitar from the 50’s

Launch date coming in 2023 – Pre-Orders will be available in early 2023.

Everything will be revealed soon, not giving to much away!


Body: American Swamp Ash.
Neck: Maple.
Fingerboard: Maple.
Scale: TBC.
Radius: TBC.
Frets: Medium Jumbo.
Nut: Graph Tech.
Bridge: TBC.
Tuners: TBC.
Overall Weight: TBC.
Strings: 9’s Ernie Ball 


Choice of Axekool pickups:
Atticus 1950’s Telecaster Vintage Pickups or Fabius 1960’s Telecaster Vintage Pickups.

Wiring Harness

T Style Vintage Wiring Harness.

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